Specialized Translation

Each translator within Nest is an experienced, specialized professional with excellent command of an area of expertise. In other words, when you work with Nest, your projects are translated, interpreted and edited by a translator with area-specific terminology knowledge. The team is in a constant struggle for taking its proficiency a step further. Without being limited by the boundaries when it comes to improvement and development, and powered by the proficiency and experience possessed, it’s always ready to learn if need be.

Quality Management

All projects assigned to Nest are included in a meticulous quality management process from the very beginning to the end of work flow. Having realized that even the slightest mistake could result in operational issues and loss of corporate prestige, Nest adopts provision of quality and sustainability as a fundemantal principle. Therefore, the unit specialized in quality within Nest will perform necessary checks and revisions for ongoing translation projects by using various language technologies and techniques before delivery. Besides, with the aim of providing sustainability for your brand and projects, your special requirements for projects will be stored in Nest databases.

Quick Delivery

Team Nest is well-aware that the most valuable asset within the context of today’s business world is “time“. Thus, each member of the team works hard to finalize processes with the most practical methods in order to keep pace with the conditions of business world and save you time. Utilizing the latest technology and the most innovative project management approaches, Nest does business devotedly with the consciousness of value of time.

Brands We Have Worked With

Consisting of experienced and specialized translators, Nest Team has participated in many projects of numerous local and global brands requiring various specializations, and provided successful project management, translation and localization services.

The Latest Language Technology

Nest, utilizes almost all innovative translation technologies to speed up the process, facilitate staying up to date and standardize the quality.

  • SDL Trados Studio 2014, SDL Trados Studio 2015
  • MemoQ 2015
  • MemSource
  • Transit NXT Professional
  • Xbench
  • Transistor

About Nest

Nest Language Services LLC is an Istanbul-based, young and dynamic translation service provider primarily focused on translation, localization, content creation and management. Nest has many experienced translators seasoned in translation industry for many years and translators with a professional business culture.

Primary objective of Nest is to facilitate the most fundamental need of business world and society; “communication”, at an international level, serving as a bridge between businesses and people with different cultural backgrounds and languages.

In accordance with this objective, Nest is committed to providing qualityquick and affordable translation services.

Who do we work with?


How Does Nest Work?

  • Start

    First of all, document to be translated is delivered by the customer via e-mail, fax or in hard copy.

  • Planning

    After a document is received, a specialized translator is assigned to the project by the project manager on the basis of many criteria such as language pair, subject, type, volume and deadline of the project.

  • Research & Terminology Preparation

    At this stage, a preliminary inspection is made on the document by the translator assigned to the job. This inspection includes research on subject matter and project-specific terminology preparation.

  • Translation & Localization Process

    The document is translated by a specialized translator as quickly as possible with optimum quality and due diligence.

  • Quality Assurance Process

    This is where time and quality management kicks in. A time period dedicated to the processes of inspection and editing before delivery. At this point, assigned editor makes assessments on the translated document in terms of linguistic performance, contextual meaning, and revises the document when necessary.

  • Review & Delivery

    Following editor’s inspection and assessment, a different editor performs proofreading of the document and finalized project is delivered to the customer in the requested file format and means.

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Successfully Delivered Projects


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What do others say about Nest?

They have delivered all the projects very quickly since the beginning of our cooperation. It is outstanding that the quality remains the same despite their speed. Thank you!

They have done an excellent job translating our documents related to our dealings with foreign companies. They have delivered the projects on time and without causing any headache. We plan to work with Nest for a long time. I’d comfortably recommend them to any business-owner.

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