About Nest

Nest Language Services Ltd. is an Istanbul-based, young and dynamic translation service provider mainly focusing on translation, localization, content creation and management. Nest has many experienced translators having labored in translation industry for many years and translators with a professional business culture. Primary objective of Nest is to facilitate the most fundamental need of business world and the society; “communication”, on an international level, serving as a bridge between businesses and people with different cultural backgrounds and languages.

In accordance with this objective, Nest has committed to provide qualityquick and affordable services. While providing the affordable and seamless solutions to its customers, Nest uses the latest translation technologies, its competent translators specialized in different areas and its quality management units.

Specialized Translation

Each translator within Nest is an experienced, specialized professional with excellent command of his/her specialization area. In other word, when you work with Nest, your projects are translated, interpreted and edited by a translator with area-specific terminology knowledge. The team is in a constant struggle for taking its proficiency one step further without giving credit to boundaries when it comes to improvement and development and along with the proficiency and experience it possess, it’s always ready to learn if need be.

Quality Management

All projects you initiate with Nest are included in a meticulous quality management process from the moment of its entry to the work flow. Knowing that even a slightest error may result in operational issues and loss of corporate prestige, Nest has adopted providing quality and sustainability as fundemantal principles. Therefore, specialized quality units within Nest will perform necessary checks and revisions on documents provided by using different language technologies and techniques before delivery. Besides, in order to provide sustainability for your brand and projects, special requirements for your projects will be recorded into the Nest databases.

Quick Delivery

Team Nest is well-aware that the most valuable asset is “time” within the context of today’s business world. Thus, each member of the team works hard to finalize processes with practical methods in order to keep pace with conditions of the business world and save you time. Using the latest technology and the most innovative project management approaches, Nest conducts business devotedly and with an awareness towards the value of time.

They have delivered all the projects very quickly since the beginning of our cooperation. It is outstanding that the quality remains the same despite their speed. Thank you!

They have done an excellent job translating our documents related to our dealings with foreign companies. They have delivered the projects on time and without causing any headache. We plan to work with Nest for a long time. I’d comfortably recommend them to any business-owner.